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Published On - August 19, 2020 Brian LettieriLocal SEO

In the wonderful world of Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly known as SEO, there is no greater achievement than first page rankings. Especially without having to pay the exorbitant costs to acquire such rankings outright with Click-Ads. SEO can be complex, time consuming, and overwhelming to the average person and/or entrepreneur. One that most business owners seek guidance for from professionals experienced in the industry. It’s no secret that SEO digital marketing is key in today’s world for ensuring your brand and business is getting the spotlight it needs online. But, for the average business owner, the daunting task of understanding all the SEO and encompasses can be overwhelming. Hence the need for search engine optimization experts, those who see, speak, and understand SEO. Professional SEO digital marketing achieves first page rankings by considering all factors outlined in the industry.

Establishing Your Baseline Ranking And Going From There

SEO digital marketing does not always work the way we want or think initially. And it is not uncommon for Google to rank a page for keywords unwanted, or instead of the actual keywords for which we would like the focused page to rank. So then what can you as a business owner do in guiding Google to improve the ranking of a page for the keywords you intend? The simple answer is that you need to ensure Google is receiving the right signals from your page to ensure the best optimization to achieve first page rankings.

Before doing anything else, find out where your page ranks today for the keywords you want to improve. Keep in mind, that there is a thin line that separates optimization from complete over-optimization. While optimization is good in that it increases first page rankings, over-optimization can prove to have negative results that in turn drop rankings. An experienced SEO digital marketing specialist knows to optimize a page for a specific keyword, resulting in improved rankings in an efficient way by avoiding over-optimization mistakes. For example, SEO digital marketing firms achieve first page rankings by finding a company’s baseline ranking and going from there. Without a baseline, an SEO specialist will not be able to measure progress. Most do it manually (I.E;, search for your keyword in Google and note the position) or use a rank-tracking tool that does this automatically on a daily basis. A business needs to know their starting point as improvement comes gradually over time.

Exploring Variations Of Keywords Is Important For First Page Rankings

There are variations of keywords that can be used in ranking a specific keyword on the first page of a search engine. It’s as simple as typing your target keyword into the Google keyword tool, and then looking for two things. First, a SEO digital marketing specialist will look to find variations of your target keyword, especially long-tail keywords. Second, they will then look at the competition for each of those keywords. These observations will come in hand and most likely used as data later in achieving first page rankings. Performing background keyword research gives the digital marketing specialist a better idea of how difficult your keyword is and what other options you have available. There are 3 key things a SEO specialist will observe when typing in a desired keyword into the Google search engine:

  • The keywords suggested by Google as they type in the specific keyword.
  • Pages that then appear first on the search engine results page.
  • The keywords suggested by Google for “related searches” at the bottom of the page.

SEO digital marketing specialists may also use variations of a target keyword as anchor text on other pages and link them to the targeted page. Advanced SEO tasks, like trying to improve the ranking of a page for a specific keyword, take time. It takes time for Google to notice any changes on a published page, so patience is a virtue.

A Digital Marketing Specialist Will Make Revisions and Confirm Expectations

Before making any changes to the page, research or an initial evaluation should be done, ensuring that the clients expectations are correct. Expectations should give an idea to the end result an online business wants to achieve with SEO digital marketing and their rankings. Sometimes expectations need to be made with the consideration if they are in fact realistic. For example, if a target keyword has high traffic, can it compete with current competition from other websites? For even a closer look, a SEO specialist may research the first 10 results and determine if they are from high-authority websites. Raising the question is Google ranking a domain (i.e., the home page of a website) or a single page for the particular keyword? Such strategies are needed in meeting expectations outlined in achieving first page rankings using SEO digital marketing.

Again, a SEO digital marketing specialist may look to find variations of your target keyword, especially long-tail keywords. And on the other hand, some may argue that the traffic gained from the long-tail keywords does not compare to that of the main keywords. Whether or not true, it’s a more realistic approach for keyword success. Professional SEO digital marketing achieves first page rankings because of experience and know how strategy. No professional wants to spend their efforts pursuing rankings an online business cannot achieve. However, an experienced professional, such as one from Quantm Media, will put their focus on identifying keywords that can realistically improve a page’s results. A professional SEO specialist also understands that high rankings for long-tail keywords build trust, that gradually can result in better rankings for more competitive keywords.

Review On-Page SEO For First Page Rankings

Once realistic expectations have been set for SEO digital marketing and achieving first page rankings, the real work comes into play. On-page SEO, as referred to in the industry, is a starting point. Particularly a Page Title that includes the targeted keyword (or variations) that is mentioned in a natural way is ideal. Google’s new RankBrain machine-learning technology is clever enough to associate different keywords and find relevant results. But, including the desired keyword in a pages’ title is a good idea, as any SEO digital marketing specialist understands.

Page Descriptions, along with the Page Title, are also imperative for ranking success. Google may choose not to show a pages’ description on the SERPs, but it is still important to provide a custom description for each and every page of the website, especially the pages they want to rank higher. A SEO digital marketing specialist will accurately describe the page content and include variations of the target keyword. An interesting fact – Amit Singhal (who was/is head of Google’s ranking team) published an explanation of what Google considers to be a high-quality website. It’s one of the most important documents when it comes to SEO digital marketing because it describes what Google is looking for when assessing a page’s value. Things like content quality, originality, formatting, in-depth analysis, presentation, and author trust play an important role in ranking. Professional SEO digital marketing achieves first page rankings by considering these factors and ensuring they are utilized. The process is straightforward: Optimize page titles, descriptions, and content for the target keyword, work on off-page SEO, and monitor ranking positions regularly if not daily. What is important is to have progress and slow improvements with your rankings rather than doing over-optimization, gaining temporary high rankings, and then wondering how to get out of Google penalties.

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