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What is a Search Performance Brief and how does it help me?

A Search Performance Brief (SPB) is a data-driven content creation process that maximizes the likelihood of ranking for target keywords and driving qualified traffic. Our methodology results in the production and publication of incredibly comprehensive and high-performing content.

An SPB is for you if:

  • You want to improve your organic search engine rankings for high-value keywords.
  • You want to outrank competitors and reduce your spend on paid search ads.
  • You want to re-optimize existing content for a modern audience.
  • You want to drive more qualified traffic to your product pages.

Are Page 1 rankings still important?

Yes. So much yes.

89% of all clicks occur on Page 1. Anything on Page 2 (or after) is virtually invisible.

More specifically, about 60% of all clicks occur on the top 3 positions in SERPs. And with the rise of Featured Snippets, more and more content is being crowded out.

To maintain and enhance your organic rankings, you need to own the Featured Snippet for your target keyword or at least rank in the top 3.

That’s what SPBs help you accomplish.

Do Search Performance Briefs work for every type of content?

Any form of written content can benefit from an SPB.

Because on-page text and HTML are the primary ways Google crawls and indexes web pages, written content is the ideal medium for SPBs.

This goes for blog articles, landing pages and other forms of ungated content that’s crawlable.

SPBs also contain relevant data that serves goals beyond just organic search rankings, so even gated content can be integrated into the SPB process. With an SPB, you can better understand:

The topics and subtopics to cover in detail.

The keywords and keyphrases that most often accompany your topic.

Prime backlink opportunities.

How long does it take to see results?

Almost immediately after republishing older content. Here are some real-life examples:

In general, results from content marketing can take six months, at minimum. But for organic content, you can use Google Search Console to force-index your posts. This will show you your new position in search engine results pages (SERPs), and you can begin tracking metrics that are relevant to you, such as traffic and click-through rates.

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