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Creating an image of success and authority for your business is a smart way to win more customers. At Quantm Media we have perfected the art of web based marketing, so we have decided to branch out and gain brand visibility through the real world was well!  We are now an official sponsor of the Dodgers Little League team in sunny California and we are so proud to be a part of their community! Sponsorship is a great way to practice marketing beyond what you do online. People are comfortable doing business with companies they trust and sponsorship is a strong way to achieve that trust.  E-commerce sites that have little content, no branding and little affiliation with clients tend to do poorly. On the other hand, e-commerce that are tied with high profile events lead to consumers forming positive opinions about your brand. Once you have sponsored an event, you can create articles, photo galleries and even hashtags to add quality content to your online presents.

Event alignment

With Quantm Media’s customized SEO plans, your business is sure to top the charts and succeed with ease. Imagine how your reputation soars when you work alongside other successful brands! Through event sponsorship, you can leverage this power of collective credibility. Sponsorship is increasingly popular among businesses that want to grow fast and reach quality audiences. As a brand you can carefully select what you would like to sponsor to ensure that it is in alignment with your target marketing and sales goals. If you were a women’s makeup subscription box company, you more than likely would not sponsor a mens wrestling tournament. You can also seek out specific events to join to help people recognize what kind of brand you are. For example if you are an ethically sourced clothing company you may want to sponsor a yoga festival or meditation retreat so that people understand what sector of business you are in.

partnership sponsorship and offline marketing

What exactly does it mean to sponsor an event?

Sponsors offer funding or products and services to support events, trade shows, teams, nonprofits, or organizations. In exchange, you gain business exposure, consumer perception, lead generation and take part in community goodwill. Sponsorships put your brand visuals in front of large audiences who haven’t heard of your business. The bigger the event, the more press and social media mentions you get before, during, and after the event day. With many sponsorships, you get featured ads, signs, or radio spots that boost brand recognition. When you are able to be featured on social media platforms and get mentioned on online articles that is where you close the loop between online and offline marketing. Curating specific hashtags and filters around the event will help to get your brand recognition and boost up your social medias numbers. Doing giveaways and raffles with your branded merch will help to extend your reach even beyond the event you are sponsoring.

quantm media sponsoring events for lead generation

Quantm Media real life marketing

Through sponsoring the little league team we have discovered that sponsorship and e-commerce go hand in hand! We purchased top of the line jerseys for the Dodgers Little League team that has our Quantm Media logo on them, we also had Quantm posters hung during games and helped with the kids snacks and hydration. We are sponsoring them throughout the entire season and we have already witnessed a huge impact on our brand awareness and consumer curiosity. Being a part of events, fares, music venues or sports teams will allow your brand to form an emotional connection with your potential consumers. If you as the business owner or team leader take part in the event you are sponsoring in person as it is a powerful way to generate email lists and leads!

quantm media content strategy

Content Strategy

Sponsoring an event gives you a lot of content for ramping up your strategies. According to ESP, 98% of sponsors uses social media to promote their involvement. Popular events get a lot of engagement, which you can use to create content themes or promote your own hashtags. When you land in the position of sponsoring the right event that is aligned with your companies mission and vision the attendees will be posing and sharing across their social platforms. If you are able to effectively brand the event with your companies logo, posters, call to actions, then your brand will be visible in the attendees content (and we all know how powerful word of mouth is!)  Furthermore, the event itself will add you onto all of their social medias and their website and this will help to boost your reach. Your marketing team can also build up a lot of content around the event you are sponsoring, you can create a countdown to the event, talk about who is going to be there representing your brand and even do online giveaways and special discounts for attendees who use your special hashtag from the event. The content opportunities are endless so be creative!

quantm media brand visibility

Brand visibility

One survey found that 74% of customers are more likely to buy a product of a brand they were exposed to via event marketing.
The larger the event, the more press and niche audience will be attracted. You can also be a part of private groups or member organizations. This will lead to building brand credibility and trust. These sponsorships give you an opportunity to create marketing materials that will help the attendees remember your brand even beyond the event alone so that these people become consumers and supporters of your company.

founder of Quantm Media Brian Lettieri

Gratitude for the founder of Quantm Media, Brian Lettieri!

Brian has committed his life’s work to making e-commerce companies thrive. He is a masterful technological marketer and a web guru. Most days you can find him in front of three or more computer screens working diligently to see his clients rank on the first page of search engines. He also is an avid supporter of his local community in San Diego. Brian decided to sponsor the Little League team because as a kid he learned the power of team work and determination through the Little League team he was a part of when he was a kid in Orange County, CA. He is still involved in sports to this day, and was inspired to sponsor a local team in hopes to help other young kids learn and grow the same way he did when he was in baseball. The coach for the Dodges Little League said “Because of Quantm Medias generous sponsorship we are able to get these kids new jerseys that they really needed, we are greatly thankful for Brian’s support and involvement with our team.”
Sponsorships not only help with your brand awareness and lead generation, but it is also truly beneficial to the people / community that is on the receiving end of your sponsorship.

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