Quantm Media and DNA Genetics Partner Up

Published On - January 7, 2024 Brian LettieriLocal SEO

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We’re proud to announce that Quantm Media has formed a partnership with DNA Genetics. 

It’s more than a collaboration, it’s a fusion of strategic acumen and aligned goals. Quantm Media, a digital marketing agency for restricted industries, pairing up with the expert growers of DNA Genetics is exciting news. 

A bold collaboration like this aligns with Quantm Media’s philosophy of re-imagining digital marketing. Keep reading to discover all about this exciting partnership.

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About Quantm Media

Quantm Media is a digital marketing firm that offers excellence. We pride ourselves on offering a service that helps get your business to the next level. These include: 

  • Full Webmaster & Hosting Services
  • Full transparency

Some of our core beliefs align well with other industry trendsetters. Let’s examine some of these more closely.


At Quantm Media, we prioritize security. All coding is done with safety in mind. The methods used comply with W3C standards. 

This means it optimizes for web accessibility, privacy, internationalization, and interoperability. We also use HTML5 and CSS3 coding.


Quantm Media uses the latest technologies. We perform error checks daily and offer frequent updates. 


Quantm Media takes a holistic approach. Our service offering includes video marketing and content marketing. The firm also offers strategies to assist with high-powered growth in restricted niches. 

Other services offered include search engine optimization and merchant processing, inclusive of payment platforms and other developer tools and customer support. Quantm Media adheres to strict PCI and DSS security standards, ensuring top-notch secure payments.

Our dedicated experts are technology-focused. We offer features specifically tailored to your business requirements. 

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About DNA Genetics

When it comes to the cannabis industry, DNA Genetics is one of the most recognized and leading brands. The seed store has over two decades’ worth of experience and offers premium products.

DNA Genetics has a passionate commitment to offering quality seeds consistently. The seed bank is considered a global powerhouse with over 200 awards. 

What changes are expected?

The strategic collaboration of DNA Genetics and Quantm Media marks a significant step. Customers can expect to see positive changes. These pertain to web development, infrastructure, technology, and payment processing. 

Quantm Media now assumes the role of DNA Genetics’ webmaster. As industry experts, our well-suited team works tirelessly to optimize all data operations.

One of the changes to look forward to is the overhauling of DNA Genetics’ tech stack. We also extend our role to impact merchant processing and order fulfillment. 

The collaboration integrates Quantm Media’s cutting-edge payment platform. Making purchases from DNA Genetics will be a seamless, secure, experience. 

Let’s explore some of these changes in detail.

Web development

With Quantm Media taking the reins as webmaster, DNA Genetics’ customers can expect positive developments. The collaboration aims to leverage the digital excellence of Quantm Media. 

The partnership also has a goal to improve website responsiveness and user experience. As a result, DNA Genetics online platform may experience better scalability. 

Tech stack changes

Having a robust and agile tech stack is essential. Quantm Media is set to rebuild the DNA Genetics tech stack from the ground up. Our aim is to meet and possibly exceed industry standards.

Quantm Media’s expertise in the field aligns with DNA Genetics’ commitment. The collaboration aims to create a tech ecosystem that adapts to future trends. 

This forward-thinking approach means that the partnership wants to be well-equipped to navigate an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Optimizing merchant processing

Merchant processing is a vital component for business. DNA Genetics has handed over this role to Quantm Media. 

We are now responsible for managing the processing operations. Our goal is to streamline transactions and ensure a seamless flow of payments. 

The collaboration aims to enhance transactional security. It reduces processing times and optimizes the payment experience.

3 PL advancements

Order fulfillment is a critical aspect of e-commerce. Building trust and a solid reputation as a business depends on it. 

Quantm Media has the task of processing complex logistical algorithms. We also aim to optimize supply chain operations. 

We’ll also oversee the management of DNA Genetics’ 3PL (third-party logistics). The partnership foresees this change as a positive development in the customer experience. The priority is to create a seamless and reliable delivery process.

Payment platform improvements

DNA Genetics is set to integrate Quantm Media’s payment method into its e-commerce. All aspects of the shift are expected to enhance processes. Customers can look forward to smooth transaction processing and an effective checkout experience.

Quantm Media plans on integrating an effective payment gateway. The platform focuses on simplifying transactions while leveraging multiple payment methods. 

Using this secure gateway offers users more control. It allows a variety of protective features. Among these are anti-fraud tools. These features assist with validating card information and help identify suspicious transactions.

The gateway also verifies shipping addresses and filters through fraud in real-time. 

Quantm Media’s selected payment gateway also assists customers. It offers alternative payment methods and protects data security. 

Image depicting a partnership between Quantm Media and DNA Genetics, featuring digital marketing icons and a lab environment with cannabis plants, highlighting a handshake in the center, symbolizing collaboration.

Concluding the collaboration

The partnership between DNA Genetics and Quantm Media is a groundbreaking development. Every facet of the former’s online presence is set to undergo positive developments.

This strategic partnership reflects DNA Genetics’ commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation. 

As the collaboration unfolds, customers can look forward to an integrated and e-commerce platform. 

Over time, customers may discover that the site sets new standards. These relate to not only speed and security but the overall user experience. 

The future of online cannabis seed shopping has arrived. Quantm Media and DNA Genetics are pioneering the first steps into a new era.

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