SEO Is The Lifeblood Of Any Online Business That Isn’t Eligible For PPC

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important For Your Business?

Boosting your ads and content is essential for reaching a wider audience. Some niches may be more challenging to promote, as Google has specific regulations. Alternative topics like cannabis, iGaming, kratom, and alcohol can face stricter stipulations.

Don’t lose hope or throw your hands up in frustration. Restricted industries can still achieve high rankings in search engines.

Understanding Google’s rules and producing informative, valuable information improves your visibility. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of restricted industries. We cover what to do to stay on top of results and how content and SEO services help you maintain high rankings.

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What are restricted industries?

Restricted industries are specific niches that Google and Facebook deems potentially harmful. They could be inappropriate for some audiences or involve controversial topics. Others may only cater to a limited demographic of people.

Tobacco products, alcohol, gambling, cannabis, CBD, and kratom are prominent alternative niches. They face restrictions because they’re geared toward adults and pose potential risks.

Some countries also prohibit specific activities, while others don’t. For example, recreational cannabis is legal in Canada but not in China. Your content will encounter restrictions in the latter if your niche is marijuana. You likely won’t face issues with the former.

Our case study on Homegrown Cannabis Company shows that correct strategies boost results. Industry SEO helps improve your website’s quality, optimize content, and increase traffic. These approaches are vital, and possible, in a restricted and controversial market.

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SEO and Content Services for PPC-restricted Industries

Are you a PPC-restricted industry looking to upscale your SEO practices? Search no further; we’re here to help.

Boosting your ads and content is essential for reaching a wider audience. Some niches may be more challenging to promote, as Google has specific regulations. Alternative topics like cannabis, iGaming, kratom, and alcohol can face stricter stipulations.

Don’t lose hope or throw your hands up in frustration. Restricted industries can still achieve high rankings in search engines.

Understanding Google’s rules and producing informative, valuable information improves your visibility. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of restricted industries. We cover what to do to stay on top of results and how content and SEO services help you maintain high rankings.

SEO and Content Services for PPC-restricted Industries

Real-Time Analytics & Keyword Reporting

With every marketing campaign you use or goal you set, you will always need a way to track the progress and effectiveness of the campaign. You need to know that your efforts and money are paying off and contributing to your bottom line.

We have developed a sleek user dashboard to do just that. With various tools and graphs you can get an overall picture of where you were when you started with us and how much you progress each week.

You can keep track of your rankings in the search engines for your chosen keywords and view a bonus report of keywords that you didn’t choose, but are improving through the campaign. Quantm at the core is an San Diego based SEO company that is here for you.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a valuable tool that forms part of the SEO process. It helps to increase targeted visits to your site. Google Ads is the most popular example of this service. It’s beneficial in digital marketing but comes with limitations for restricted industries.

Some niches like cannabis, gambling, or kratom can’t use PPC services from Google. The regulations mean these industries must seek alternative methods of generating more traffic.

Google has strict policies about what type of advertising and content it allows. A marketing campaign that doesn’t follow industry standards may also face restrictions. Adverts are an essential component for businesses, but they must follow the guidelines.

Google Ads policies cover four areas that they might restrict:

  • Prohibited content that the Google Network doesn’t allow.
  • Prohibited practices like ad abuse and irresponsible data collection.
  • Restricted content and features like adult niches, sexual content, and gambling. They may face limitations in advertising spaces.
  • Editorial and technical ads that aren’t user-friendly. Includes site content that doesn’t meet formatting requirements.

Some industries may be PPC-restricted because they feature controversial topics or products. Inappropriate content, dangerous services, and dishonest behavior face limitations across the internet.

Different PPC-Restricted Industries?

Specific niches aren’t allowed to use pay-per-click marketing. Google Ads prohibits content that could cause harm, abuse, or dishonest behavior. It also treats misinformation and data collection violations seriously. Let’s explore four restricted industries and how Google’s policies affect them.


The cannabis industry has experienced significant growth in recent times. It has seen increased attention thanks to more places legalizing it. Some have approved it for medicinal use. Others have also made it lawful for recreational purposes. More studies provide a better understanding of the plant’s benefits and downsides. It’s still a PPC-restricted industry despite this improved knowledge.

Google prohibits the promotion of “dangerous products and services.” This category includes weapons and recreational drugs. Google places cannabis under the “recreational drugs” category as a mind-altering substance. Adverts for hemp-derived topical CBD products with 0.3% THC or lower are the only exception.

Ads containing CBD-related services or products need to apply for Google certification. The business must reside in a state that allows cannabidiol use and sale. Non-ingestible products like creams take preference over ones that people can consume.

Marketing agencies involved in marijuana B2B commerce can’t use PPC services. Paid search campaigns aren’t worth it, as they can lead to penalties and site closure. An exciting advancement happened in 2023. Twitter changed its policy to allow cannabis ads in a limited capacity. It permits licensed, pre-approved advertisers to promote marijuana-related products or services. They must live and promote in legal states. Twitter’s new policies set the stage for other advertising platforms to follow suit. Google could jump on the train if it proves to be successful.


Mitragyna speciosa, or kratom, is a native Southeast Asia tree. It provides specific psychoactive effects when people consume its leaves. Products typically take the form of powder, dried leaves, or capsules. Kratom is a new niche, even though humans discovered it in the early 1800s. It gained recognition in America in the 2000s and became more mainstream around 2015. The herb is PPC-restricted because there are safety concerns related to its use.

The FDA doesn’t approve kratom, but many supporters of the plant advocate for its legal use. Limited research exists, while anecdotal evidence points toward positive benefits. It’s a controversial area due to these conflicting schools of thought.

There are specific approaches you can take if you have a kratom business. PPC isn’t an option, so on-page SEO services are vital for increasing organic traffic. These approaches help your site rank higher while avoiding penalties from Google.

Here are other tips for boosting your kratom business with industry SEO practices:

  • Avoid making confident statements. Try not to make claims about kratom having specific health benefits. Take precautions when using anecdotal evidence. Don’t use direct declarations about the plant’s effects.
  • Follow accurate labeling procedures. Your product pages will rank higher if you provide detailed information on ingredients. Avoid tags that explicitly say kratom can provide any therapeutic effects.
  • Use proper testing practices. Ensure you test every product you receive. Check for contaminants and adulterants. Confirm you’re selling the correct kratom strain and ensure the labels match. Include information about your testing processes on your site.
  • Adhere to local laws. Avoid marketing in states or countries where kratom is illegal. Check the regional regulations to ensure you can sell your products in a specific area. Complying with legislation can boost your presence as a trusted and reputable brand.

Remember that Google treats misinformation seriously. Providing facts and accurate details while following SEO practices can rank you higher.


The online gambling industry, or iGaming, is an increasingly popular one. The market is massive; expected to reach $125.6 billion by 2027. It’s PPC-restricted in different ways to cannabis and kratom but has its own conditions.

Google’s Gambling and Games policy allows advertising from businesses with certification. You may receive this documentation by applying through an online gambling application form. You can only market to countries where online gambling is legal. There are also area-specific laws that your company must adhere to. UK restrictions on gambling marketing are stricter than in Australia. The USA has specific regulations that differ between states. Some ban iGaming, while others allow it.

Navigating the iGaming industry may be challenging in some areas. Gambling has the potential for abuse and fraud. Google is stricter on adverts that offer “real money” winnings. Social casino ads face heavier restrictions than “non-casino” games offering cash prizes.

iGaming marketing agencies may use PPC services but can only target adults over 25 years old. It’s typically more pricey than other industries. Gambling-related keywords are controversial, and the standards are high for operators. A combination of search engine optimization and PPC can help boost your rankings. Remember to apply for Google Ads certification, as you can’t use paid ads without it.

Here are some extra tips to improve your iGaming site’s credibility:

  • Acquire licensing. Your business will rank higher among prospective players and on Google if it holds a license. Get one from a reputable regulatory body like the Malta Gaming Authority. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission also provides licensing.
  • Follow and encourage ethical practices. Promote responsible gambling on your site and in your ads. Your home page should provide educational tips on safer gambling. Promotions and terms and conditions must offer information on ethical iGaming habits.
  • Provide options for gambling management. Let players choose settings for managing their habits. Use modern technologies that restrict deposit and withdrawal amounts. Include options for setting betting and playtime limits to promote responsible gambling.
  • Avoid inaccurate ad statements. Don’t market iGaming as a “quick fix” or make promises of financial gain. Refrain from using language that promotes gambling as a solution to life troubles. Avoid mentioning the possibility or guarantee of profits.
  • Advertise and use proper security measures. Use updated encryption technology to protect your players’ personal data. Install SSL protocols and provide several popular, reputable payment methods.

Alcohol And Tobacco

You may face limitations from Google if you’re in the alcohol or tobacco industry. Heavy regulations exist in these sectors worldwide. They pose many health risks and face controversy about their use among adults. PPC advertisers for alcohol or tobacco must follow Google’s policy guidelines. You can’t target underage users at any point. Some countries have different age limits for smoking and drinking. Ensure you check the laws before advertising in specific areas.

Google restricts ads that promote inappropriate or excessive tobacco or alcohol consumption. Your advertising actions and the site must also implement an age verification tool. Adverts that educate about potential dangers take preference over ones that don’t. PPC-restricted tobacco or alcohol industries must also avoid implying health or social benefits. Ensure your landing page and site descriptions feature health warnings for your products. Building your website using SEO can benefit you more in this instance. Ensure your social media marketing abides by the rules of the relevant platform. Facebook, Twitter, and Google might have different restrictions on alcohol and tobacco ads.

How To Overcome PPC Restrictions And Boost Your Content

PPC advertising may be a streamlined, easy marketing strategy for high rankings. It’s fast and efficient, but you must be prepared to pay for each click. Facing restrictions in an unconventional field could make you wonder if it’s even worth it. Restricted marketing agencies and alternative industries have an advantage at their disposal: SEO.

Two valuable tools are search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). The former focuses on organic, unpaid optimization using natural algorithms. The latter involves paid services and adverts that increase visibility and traffic. Content and SEO services are particularly beneficial for restricted markets. Industry SEO practices help you achieve top rankings by analyzing search engine criteria. A page that Google’s algorithms understand will display higher on results pages.

Users (and Google’s policies) value authoritative and detailed information. Your content should match a potential visitor’s search terms. It must also provide trusted and accurate knowledge. Google ranks you higher if you have high-quality text and use the correct formatting. Strategic and unsaturated keyword placements also boost your SERP visibility.

Author authority is vital for SEO. Users are more receptive to content that an industry expert writes. This factor plays a vital role in Google’s E-E-A-T protocols. They fall under the Search Quality Rater Guidelines. E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It ranks websites and relevant ads based on content quality. The goal of your business should always be to provide reliable, credible information.

Here Are Nine More Tips For Boosting Your Rankings If You’re a PPC-Restricted Industry:

Don’t Provide Contact Information In Your Ads

Google might restrict you further if you include phone numbers or email addresses. Provide these details on your site only.

Install Geofencing On Your Site

Location-based technology can help you target specific places. It’s beneficial if your niche faces restrictions in certain countries. Use geotargeting and geofencing to deliver your ads to legal areas. Geofencing and mobile optimization can double your ad’s click-through rate. It also helps to understand your audience better and increases sales. Provide a message for prohibited countries that states your services aren’t available.

Maintain Natural CTAs

An organic call to action in your ads and site pages is better than clickbait. Avoid “click here” prompts; instead, use less direct language that motivates users. Try to fit the CTA naturally without overwhelming readers.

Avoid Overwhelming Users

Don’t over-saturate the market, and keep your ads relevant and unobtrusive. Refrain from excessive images, pop-ups, GIFs, or videos in your adverts and site. Keep it user-friendly and easily accessible.

Install Age Gates

Verifying how old visitors are can help improve your credibility. Google could boost your brand reputation if your marketing agencies keep ads family-friendly. Age gates and verification procedures protect users and help you maintain reliability.

Follow Specific SEO Practices

Use high-ranking keywords and optimize your metadata and headings. Use link-building services and provide relevant internal and external links on your pages.

Tailor Your Content and Keep it Legal

Keep track of industry trends and tweak your subject matter for your target audience. Monitor local legislation to ensure you don’t violate the laws regarding your niche.

Stay Updated With Google Ads Policies

Ensure you know what they allow or don’t. Don’t violate them and avoid promoting prohibited topics

Focus On Blog Content

Dedicate a section of your site to blog pages. These platforms can provide extensive information on specific topics. They help target your niche audience and deliver quality content to them.

You may be able to appeal ad rejections that adhere to proper industry SEO practices. Ensure you follow all of Google’s policies before applying for a second review. Sometimes, all you need to change is a small, simple detail causing issues. You may also contact Google Ads if you can’t fix the problem. Doing an SEM analysis on your site before reaching out could also help reveal the solution. Conduct minor tests on your ads to ensure they meet industry standards. Create alternative ones to use if you face rejection.

How To Overcome PPBoost PPC-restricted content with Quantm Media servicesC Restrictions And Boost Your Content

Various industries may face restrictions from Google and other platforms when promoting advertisements. Strict policies are in place to protect consumers. They also prohibit content in areas that don’t allow a specific niche. Do you have a business in cannabis, kratom, iGaming, adult content, alcohol, or tobacco? Perhaps you have a PPC-restricted industry and are struggling to find solutions.

Nobody enjoys facing restrictions, but sometimes they’re unavoidable. There’s still hope, though. Suitable approaches can help you experience improved organic reach and more significant ROI. We specialize in digital marketing at Quantm Media. Our expert team knows how to analyze web data and monitor current trends. They’re knowledgeable on using the correct industry SEO practices. We’re passionate about boosting your prosperity. We want to help you achieve long-lasting quality in a competitive market.

Contact us today to find a suitable solution for your business. Take advantage of our free website SEO analysis and keep your site ranking among the top results. Success is only a click away.