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Content marketing is one of the most crucial aspects to focus on for your website. If you want to rank well in the SERPs, this is the ball not to be dropped. Studies have shown that curated content significantly impacts conversion rates. Sites with curated content have rates nearly 4 times higher than those who don’t. Using indexed content marketing clearly pays off! Building brand authority and awareness and lead generation is crucial for any industry. More so for regulated industries like cannabis, kratom, or igaming. Quantm Media understands how important these aspects are in online business success. Allow us to create your custom online presence while you focus on what you do best. Whether you run a mid-sized business or small startup, Quantm is ready to get to work. We share your dedication and passion toward building your brand! Are you ready to stand out and leave your competitors in the dust with content that ranks? Call us today!

Content marketing Statistics

93 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing Content Marketing Statistics

73 percent of companies appoint someone to oversee their content strategy

58 percent of marketers believe original content is the most important type of content

60 percent of B2C marketers have a documented content strategy

Unlock the Power of Content Marketing

Unlock the Power of Content Marketing

Not only does content marketing tell a story, it also allows you to share valuable insights. Compelling stories and informative content draw potential customers and encourage action.

Quantm uses this strategic approach to create and distribute content for your brand. Every piece is relevant and unique for your target audience.

Do you need expertly curated content for your cannabis or shroom site? No problem! Our content is expertly written to gain industry authority for your brand.

We produce appropriate content to reach and retain your target audience. Our project managers, strategists, and writers work together to ensure that all content drives profitable user action.

With Quantm behind the content marketing wheel, you know your site is in excellent hands. Our expert writing team employs SEO best practices. They also apply NLP models to all content produced.

Through researching and planning keywords, topics, and structures, we ensure that all content reflects your brand voice. Rest assured that your content will keep readers engaged and rank well. By meeting Google’s guidelines and strategic planning, there isn't room for failure.

Together, this is a powerful combination to increase your online presence.

Excellent Quality Content Tailored To Your Needs


Is your website in a regulated industry? Are you having trouble getting your website to rank? Quantm Media is the solution to your problems.

Blogs are a powerful marketing tool to reach your audience and engage clients. Join and surpass your top ranking competitors with a well-executed content marketing strategy.

By reaching out to Quantm Media to create and launch your content marketing strategy, you’ll:

  • Have expertly written, thoroughly researched content at all times
  • Watch your brand grow as a point of authority in your niche;
  • See your brand develop into a trustworthy source of information;
  • Bypass the strain of creative blocks when planning and writing for your site
  • Enjoy increased lead generation, engagement, and conversions;
  • Have your site ranking well due to optimized and carefully written blogs

Placing your order with Quantm Media is as easy as contacting us today. We deliver excellent quality content, customized for your business.

Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign should be a top priority for any successful business. When done correctly, it has a significant impact on your conversion and engagement rates.

At Quantm Media, we frame a bespoke email newsletter, reframing your outreach efforts. This cost-effective strategy is an easy to manage and controllable direct contact method. It yields a high ROI (return on investment), especially for small businesses.

Website Content

Content marketing for websites includes all written options—blogs, articles, infographics, guides, and more.

Website content is the key to its success online and should be the central hub of your marketing efforts. Newsletters or sharing blogs on social media should draw traffic to your website. The purpose is to share your website link wherever possible.

You can’t be available to resolve queries and accept sales around the clock, let your website fill the gap.

At Quantm Media, we understand that your website reflects your brand and your work. Therefore, we ensure all website content is 100% original and meets SEO standards. We ensure that all content is engaging and keeps your target audience coming back for more.

Case Studies

Case studies are an essential part of any content marketing toolkit. Without the data it provides, marketing efforts cannot develop to produce better results.

Quantm media views case studies as the focal point holding up the marketing industry. Some of our best examples include:

  • Case study 1: Homegrown Cannabis Company had a sound content marketing plan. It established itself as a digital content hub while the “tech revolution” expanded. This strategy has helped the company successfully engage its potential market.
  • Case study 2: The Lot is an innovative leader in premium move experiences around Southern California. Through developing a comprehensive content plan, it’s reached out to its customer segments to show thought leadership.

Why Content Marketing?

Our team of content marketing experts firmly believe in quality over quantity. With top-level content, your website experiences increased traffic and boosted sales.

That is our priority. To get these goals, we:

  • Perform competitor analysis: We research your competitors and analyze their content strategy. This helps us ensure that you remain a step ahead.
  • Execute an audience analysis: We analyze your target audience and their interactions. This data helps us identify their frustrations and interests. We can then produce content that catches their attention and encourages more engagements.
  • Produce result-oriented content: Our team of expert writers create customized content according to your needs. We also keep your desired results in mind through the creation process. Just sit back and watch your site traffic and click-through rates increase.

93 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing Content Marketing Statistics

73 percent of companies appoint someone to oversee their content strategy

58 percent of marketers believe original content is the most important type of content

60 percent of B2C marketers have a documented content strategy

Content Planning

We are a team of content marketing experts who believe in quality over quantity. By delivering the top-notch content, we succeed in increasing your website’s traffic and boost sales.

For this, we will do:

  • Competitor Analysis: By researching and analyzing your competitor’s content strategy, we make sure you are always ahead of your competitors.
  • Audience Analysis: We will analyze your target audience and their interaction to deliver you the right content, which catches their attention.
  • Result-Oriented Content: We create content that is specially customized according to your needs to give you the results you want. Not only will it increase your site’s traffic but also increase your click-through rates.